(Still building this, but I wanted to at least start listing people's names!)

  • Anil Dash
  • Boy Scout Troop 114
  • Divya Manian
  • Fran Berman & Mark Miller
  • James Hall
  • James Manley
  • Jennifer Schopf
  • John Stanton
  • Kelly Packer
  • Michael Pusateri
  • Paul Irish
  • Rebecca Murphey
  • Rob Day
  • Victoria Merriman

How You Can Help

Connect me with people

Take a look at my route map and think about whom you know along the way.

Though I’ll be bringing a tent and am excited to spend many nights this summer camping, I would be very grateful for offers of lodging, laundry, showers, and/or directions to the best bar in town.

Even more importantly: do you know people along the way … who work in tech? I would love to interview them. I’m especially interested in meeting people working in government technology.

So if you know someone — or know someone who might know someone — please connect us! My email address is

Feed a cyclist

Here’s another way you can support me on this adventure: buy me a sandwich! My average daily food expense is around $15, and I'd appreciate any small donations you can make towards keeping me fed.

If you let me know which days or weeks you’d like to cover, I will list you on this page and think of you gratefully every time I eat an energy bar.

Thanks for considering this! Here's the Paypal link:

Spread the news

If you don't know anyone along my route and aren't able to support me financially right now, no worries!

I would love it if you could tell your friends, family, and colleagues about this trip.

Send them a link to, and thank you for helping me get the word out.