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Posted 06/30 by Ruthie BenDor

The Internet brought me lodging with some lovely folks in Syracuse. In Buffalo, the Internet brought me Bill.


Bill Murphy, a programmer and consultant to the Buffalo Police Department, started following my journey after seeing this tweet. His son Brendan is also bicycling around the United States right now; in Bill’s words, “Brendan is full of stories about how people have done nice things for them as they travel. I hope I can pass the love along to other cyclists as they pass through my home town.” Karma, y’all.

Bill arranged for me to tour Buffalo’s 911 call center. I was able to chat with a number of folks working there, and see the hardware and software they use to take and triage emergency calls.

911 call center - the old system

911 call center - the new system

He also took me to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, which has a fantastic collection of modern & contemporary art.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery

I’m more-or-less culturally illiterate, and even I recognized many of the pieces here. Super-cool.




Not every piece was familiar to me, of course.


After Bill dropped me back off at my hosts’ home, I worked until late afternoon when Veronica brought over her mother for an outdoor grilled dinner.

Grilling machine

Grilled veggies

A few friends of Jon & Veronica joined us for after-dinner conversation, including Mohan, one of Jon’s colleagues at the university. Mohan, thank you so much for your support!


We somehow ended up talking about Burning Man, and I showed photos from past years while trying (key word: trying) to explain the event.

The following day, I slept in, took a shower, and did work all day. I mention the shower because holy awesome, Batman, this was the fanciest shower I’ve ever taken. I didn’t take pictures because that would be weird, but I really should have because oh man: four (four!!) shower heads, a sauna option (!!) and who knows what else. Jon & Veronica, if your shower ever mysteriously vanishes, you know who took it.

I had dinner with Bob & Mary, a lovely couple who are friends-of-friends, and then returned to pack my panniers. Jon and Veronica, thank you so much for your warm welcome! I felt very much at home.



Tomorrow, my first glimpse of Lake Erie!

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Just FYI: the big motorcycle run is at Sturgis, South Dakota, not Michigan. You’re seeing normal summer working-class transportation. Trust me, there’s a huge difference.

By Edna Myers on 2011 07 10

If you ever get a spare minute I’d love to hear some general thoughts about western NY.  I’ve never been there and I’m thinking about riding the Erie Canal Trail next year. 

By Michael on 2011 07 12