Degrees of separation

Posted 07/03 by Ruthie BenDor

Towards the end of my ride yesterday, I was excited to run into a group of long-distance cyclists—four Canadians doing the loop of Lake Erie. I wondered whether I’d encounter them again today, especially since they said they’d be starting early and I didn’t hit the road until 9:30—but after only an hour’s riding, I turned a corner and there they were!

Brian, Laura, Ernie, Mel and I were all going the same direction, so we rode together into Ohio.


We had a delicious roadside lunch—well, delicious for me; Laura is a nutritionist and wasn’t totally thrilled with the grease level.

Nom nom nom

After lunch I lent Ernie my phone so they could find their way back to their pre-printed route, and we parted ways with waves and smiles all around. Nice to meet you all!

My journey today took me south, away from the shore, to a little town called Jefferson. Four degrees of separation connected me to my hosts tonight - my friend Ben’s partner Nina’s college friend Meagen’s parents-in-law. Yes, I was chuckling about this for much of the afternoon.

Three generations

Meagen, Evan, their two sons, Evan’s brother Nathan, and Nathan’s wife Megan (yes, two Megans!) were all there for the night, too, so after dinner I pitched my tent in the backyard and fell fast asleep.

Budding bicyclist

Jack and Mary, thank you for hosting me! It was lovely to meet you both.

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Looks like you had lunch before our place at the White Turkey in Conneaut—just inside the OH line from PA!  One of our favorite summer spots!

By Mary Howe on 2011 07 24

what a joy it was to meet you and share our 4th of July family gathering. all the best on a long trek, especially in this grinding heat (7-24-11)

By Jack Howe on 2011 07 24

I Am Very Inspired By What You Do ! I Hope You Have A Safe Journey On Your Way To Your Destination ! (:

By Kayla Martin on 2011 08 18