Fireworks and fellow cyclists

Posted 07/04 by Ruthie BenDor

My riding goal for Independence Day was Meagan and Evan’s home in northwestern Cleveland, around 60 miles. Anticipating bad (possibly drunk) drivers on the road, I got an early start.

About ten miles in, I ran into Tom, a Mentor cyclist out for his Sunday century.


Meagan and Evan had taken my two rear panniers and my tent, so I was able to keep up with Tom as we rode to Mentor. We parted ways there, and I followed some flag-lined boulevards into Cleveland.

Flag-lined boulevard

After dinner, Meagan and I sat out on the front porch and watched several, er, unofficial fireworks displays. I was especially impressed by the half-dozen Roman candles positioned on the road’s center line—they stopped traffic for a good fifteen minutes.


Tomorrow’s a day off, and I look forward to exploring a bit and getting some work done.

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Love it so much! I just stumbled on your blog from your interview with usesthis. I’m a web designer and bike tour lover but I never dreamed of combining them!


By Jon on 2011 10 25