Leaving Bob at home

Posted 06/09 by Ruthie BenDor

Last night I pulled the trigger on a big change in how I plan to tour: I’m leaving Bob the trailer at home, and taking racks and saddlebags on Peg this summer.

I’m quite fond of Bob, and he’s been great on weekend trips where I don’t feel like faffing about with evenly distributing gear or carefully packing everything. But touring with a trailer has some drawbacks:

  • I will be taking the train from Salt Lake City to Reno, and will need to check my bicycle. If Bob is with me, I’ll have to check Bob, too, which means added hassle of finding a box and taking off the fork.
  • If Peg breaks down and we need to catch a lift to the nearest bike shop, having Bob with me will make it less likely that I’ll be able to catch a ride—fewer vehicles can accommodate both Peg and Bob.
  • Packing up a wet tent and having it sit at the bottom of a waterproof bag with all my other gear isn’t such a good idea. Now, I’ll be able to keep the tent atop the rear rack and away from my sleeping bag and other stuff I’d like to keep dry.
  • I’ll have easier access to my stuff during the day: with panniers, I can get into my bags without even getting off my bicycle, whereas with Bob I’d have to find a place where I could lean the entire length of bike + trailer, and then unpack Bob to find what I’m looking for.

Though I’m nervous about touring on relatively-untested gear, I have ridden with panniers before, so hopefully the learning curve—and Massachusetts roads!—won’t be too steep.

I’ll update this post when the panniers and racks arrive!

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whoa! daring changes! Let us know how it goes.

By Kate on 2011 06 09

Change is opportunity, I wish you tons of luck!

By anne loughlin on 2011 06 10