Project: Stories of Web Tech across America

Posted 05/17 by Ruthie BenDor

Living in Boston sometimes feels like living in a tech bubble. There’s so much innovation happening here, and such a vibrant tech scene, that it’s easy to overlook or ignore what’s going on in web technology elsewhere in the country. My side project this summer is to collect and share the stories of how people use web technology across America. My goal? To burst the bubble.

In many ways, collecting these stories will be just as challenging as the bike ride. Talented friends are helping get me up to speed on video production and audio recording, but I still have a lot to learn. Practice makes perfect, though, so expect to see more videos from me as we count down the final month before departure.

I need your help

Do you know web technologists anywhere along my route?  I’m especially interested in the intersection of government and web tech in America (examples: an interview with the small-town mayor who’s also the town webmaster; an interview with a data analyst for a big city who used an open data set to plan better bus routes; etc.), but I’d love to talk to web technologists in other sectors, too—it’ll be interesting to see what patterns and commonalities emerge.

Does this description bring to mind anyone in particular whom I should meet? If so, please email me at and put me in touch. Thanks so much for your help, I can’t do this without you!

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