Rollin’ from Rochester to Buffalo

Posted 06/28 by Ruthie BenDor

When I packed my panniers in Rochester on Monday night, I spent a good half hour looking for my left cycling glove, with no success. I resigned myself to having lost it, and resolved to stop by Full Moon Vista again in the morning on my way out of town to pick up another pair.

They didn’t have any gloves in my size, but it was good I’d stopped by—Scott asked me about my route out of town, and when I told him I’d planned to hop back on NY-104, he said, “Let me show you a better way.” After fifteen minutes with Google Maps, I set off on my gorgeous downhill route along the Genesee River and then west along Lake Ontario. Thanks again, Scott!

The first part of the route included this beautiful stretch along and over the Genesee River:

I continued north until I hit Lake Ontario State Beach, where I sat and watched gulls swoop for a while.

Goodbye, Rochester

Ontario Beach Park

This gentleman (“You’re biking WHERE?!”) directed me to a diner for breakfast.


I then hopped on the Lake Ontario State Parkway and pedaled along the lake for mile after glorious mile, stopping for a roadside business call (*waves hi to Marc*) and to have lunch at a state park.


On a break underneath an overpass to swap my remaining glove, I admired my tan lines.

Tan lines of awesomeness

The parkway ended and I continued on NY-18 west through Lyndonville, which turned out to be Amish country.

Amish country

Eventually I turned south toward Medina (pronounced Muh-DIE-nuh, don’t even get me started) and pulled into a KOA. KOAs are campgrounds geared toward RVs, which meant that I paid $33.50 for the privilege of pitching my tent on a patch of grass. The showers were equivalent to those at state parks in Massachusetts, and the neighbors? Classy.

Everything that is wrong with America

The best part of camping was me finding my missing glove - it had somehow worked its way into my jacket sleeve and been packed away.

The next morning I dawdled, anticipating an easy, flat 36 miles into Buffalo. The headwind had other plans for me, though, and I battled 15-20 mph winds the whole way into Buffalo. It felt like biking through mud: demoralizing and slow. At least it was sunny!

We've been expecting you.

The last stretch was a bit hairy—NY-5 through northern Buffalo has no shoulders, parked cars, narrow lanes, and fast-moving traffic—but at last I made it to my hosts’ house near the Buffalo Zoo.Veronica and Jon are the parents of my former housemate’s current housemate and childhood friend. Feel free to go back and read that again; it took me a few times, too.  Looking forward to two whole days off the bike!

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You are so freaking awesome! I love these blog posts, your courage and friendliness, and general say yes, can do attitude. You are an inspiration, keep it up.

By Shawn on 2011 07 08