Gear spotlight: TiGr bike lock

Posted 06/11 by Ruthie BenDor

To the extent that it’s possible to have a cool bike lock, I have the coolest bike lock ever.

A month or two ago, folks on Twitter were all abuzz about a Kickstarter project to manufacture a snazzy bike lock called a TiGr. When I saw the specs for the TiGr, I knew I had to back the project—the TiGr’s lightweight-yet-strong titanium shackle is perfect for around town or a long bike tour.

John Loughlin was kind enough to send me a prototype to test out this summer:

Non-gearheads, suffice it to say: the TiGr is all that and a bag of chips. Fellow gearheads, check out my video review of the TiGr below.

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Nice! Looks 100 times better than a U lock!

By Niki Brown on 2011 06 11