Wine, wine everywhere but not a drop to drink.

Posted 07/01 by Ruthie BenDor

My lovely hosts in Buffalo had to hit the road early this morning, so we said goodbye around 7am. After picking my way through a mostly-deserted downtown, the road brought me alongside Lake Erie and route 5. From there, the day was smooth sailing.

Today’s big discovery: the land along Lake Erie’s southern shore is wine country! I passed field after field of grapes ripening in summer sun, and wished I could stop for a tasting or ten—alas, cycling and drinking do not go well together.

Wine country

Once I reached Dunkirk, I drowned my sorrows in ice cream, then pedaled over to meet my hosts.

Reward for a hot afternoon's ride

Tonight is the first night that I’m staying with WarmShowers hosts, people who offer beds, food, conversation, and—yes—showers to traveling cyclists. Don and Betsy were incredibly gracious: they took me out for dinner, let me run a load of laundry, and Don regaled me with tales from his recently-completed solo tour from San Diego, CA (my hometown!) to his home in Dunkirk.



Tomorrow I cross state lines—Pennsylvania, here I come!

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